Developing digital talent in the curriculum for a future with Industry 4.0

Modern engineering needs data to validate and influence design decisions.

Commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 signposts the use of sensors with data collection and analytics to bring efficiencies and inform decision making.

This year we’ve supported a number of organisations to understand how connectivity can support their vision for digital transformation.

With further developments to our Internet of Curious Things programme, it’s also been an exciting time to take digital innovations from the Grand Challenges into the curriculum for real world learning scenarios in schools.

Progression of learning, purpose and innovation are the constants that we add into each programme and bringing in smart sensors for data collection is applicable across each ‘wicked problem’ that we present to students.

Here’s one example taken from the This Girl Codes programme of activities delivered with Junction Arts. The theme of collecting and acting on data was at the heart of co-design with creative computing.

Produced by Cora Glasser, the video captures the creative engagement from learning activities across KS2, KS3 and community events over a year in rural Derbyshire.

With the finale as a ‘Data-Driven Interactive Light Night’, connecting Bolsover Castle with the local community, the heritage backdrop of the C17th estate provided insights into what a smart future with Industry 4.0 can look like.

'Digital in Manufacturing and Making' event at #LeedsDigi18

Contributing to this Digital in Manufacturing event was a great start to the Leeds Digital Festival for us this week.

Thanks to Matthew Skelton for inviting us along, to join this ever growing digital community that will meet again in October for the Assembly Conference in Leeds.

We shared ideas with others from the manufacturing, making, and software sectors with a focus around how digital technologies and approaches to shape the future of manufacturing.

For us, our thoughts were presented towards bridging the digital skills divide in the city, and you can view the slide sets from each session below:

Look out for more details about the Assembly Conference in Leeds on 2nd October.

Read more:

Open Forum and Talks: “Digital in manufacturing and making — what’s coming next? via Medium - a great blogpost about this event from Jovile Bart

Manufacturers are urged to embrace digital via Yorkshire Post, 17.04.18

Getting involved with Leeds Digital Festival 2018

So excited to be involved with this year's Leeds Digital Festival!

Over the two weeks we're thrilled to be joining some of the events and contributing to the following sessions:

Assembly Conference at Platform, LS1 4JB - Monday 16th April

The Art of Tinkering with Leeds Libraries at ODI Leeds - Saturday 21st April

IOT Showcase at ODI Leeds - Tuesday 24th April

Building Networks and Adding Value to Communities

It's been a busy couple of weeks sharing and learning through the creative tech communities and contributing at events. Understanding the value of partnerships and collaborations has given us amazing opportunities with latest projects and plans moving forward.

Snippets below from some recent activities.

Andrew attended the Discover Shift symposium in Macclesfield on 13th February, and contributed to one of the panel discussions. Celebrating the pilot year of SHIFT, the cross sector symposium explored the convergence between the arts and digital, highlighting activities and themes developed throughout Cheshire East.

Another panel at The Things Network Conference saw Claire contributing to a 'building communities through LoRaWAN' discussion.

And the opportunity to share our strategies to help democratise access of the power of LoRaWAN for everyone through a keynote at the same conference.

Removing the barriers: Empowering communities to make a smarter, more connected world with LoRaWAN.

The presentation explores two areas of our programmes:

  1. How can we develop more diverse and inclusive programmes to engage all citizens in real world problems through digital making and adopting LoRaWAN?

  2. How can we effectively facilitate collections of digital storytelling projects engaging communities in cities across the North of England to creatively solve local issues?

In short?

With context and purpose through education:

Positive Impact Partners Programme with Leeds University

We're delighted to have joined the PIP Programme with Leeds University this term, and are looking forward to further collaborations on specific areas of mutual interest.

Interested to find out more? Click on this link and here's a taster from the website in the meantime:

PIP has been developed in collaboration with third sector, community and not-for-profit organisations to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Develop opportunities for collaboration that lead to positive social change
  • Respond to the varied needs of the evolving Third Sector in a timely way
  • Link skills, knowledge and capacity, across different organisations, with local need
  • Support and build capacity in the region’s diverse and vibrant third sector
  • Create personal and professional opportunities for both UoL and Third Sector partners
  • Be an exemplar of good practice

More to follow as plans evolve in the new year!

Things Network Conference: Empowering communities to make a smarter, more connected world with LoRaWAN.

Removing the barriers: Empowering communities to make a smarter, more connected world with LoRaWAN.

things network conference flyer

We're thrilled to be invited to share how we've developed more diverse and inclusive programmes, engaging groups to creatively solve their own local issues, at The Things Network conference in February.

We'll be exploring the Foundation's approach with digital data storytelling projects across communities in the north of England.

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