Positive Impact Partners Programme with Leeds University

We're delighted to have joined the PIP Programme with Leeds University this term, and are looking forward to further collaborations on specific areas of mutual interest.

Interested to find out more? Click on this link and here's a taster from the website in the meantime:

PIP has been developed in collaboration with third sector, community and not-for-profit organisations to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Develop opportunities for collaboration that lead to positive social change
  • Respond to the varied needs of the evolving Third Sector in a timely way
  • Link skills, knowledge and capacity, across different organisations, with local need
  • Support and build capacity in the region’s diverse and vibrant third sector
  • Create personal and professional opportunities for both UoL and Third Sector partners
  • Be an exemplar of good practice

More to follow as plans evolve in the new year!