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Thought Leadership and Research

We're regularly asked to deliver talks, presentations, seminars and workshops at events and conferences regionally, nationally and internationally.

Examples of themes include:

  1. Widening Participation: Empowering everyone to make a smarter, more connected world.
  2. Removing the barriers: Democratising the internet of things in partnership with The Things Network.
  3. How can we leverage the internet of things to create building blocks for a sustainable future?
  1. The Chasm: Art and Engineering
  2. Sense and Sense Air-bility: Building a Community Network of Air Quality Sensors.
  3. Building and sustaining a diverse and local digital talent pipeline.
  1. Real World Computing: Everyone can 'Invent Things'.
  2. Democratising Digital Innovation: Delivering CISCO's thingQbator maker programme with undergraduate cohorts at Manchester Met University.
  3. The Internet of Curious Things: Empowering primary-aged children to creatively solve real world problems.
  4. Relevant and purposeful learning and teaching strategies to redress the gender imbalance of girls in Computing.