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Dazzling Data

Our Dazzling Data programme, funded by The RSA equips people of all ages with the skills to make better use of data. It'll show that data isn't dull and is a source of unlocked power.

Everyone can benefit from making more use of data. Whether you're in animal conservation, choosing the cheapest supermarket to shop in, or want to protect your health and improve air quality, data can provide concrete evidence to inform decision making and is a tool to separate the fact from fake news.

Our training will covers all aspects of gathering and making sense of data; from the automated remote collection of data, to storage, analytics and data visualisation that will help you communicate your findings.

The programme includes case studies with real world relevance; participants will create their own air quality monitor that will send live readings to the Internet. It'll also look at interpreting and sharing the data collected to discover trends and inform decision making and compare with others. A previous workshop used data to discover a safer, less polluted route to walk to work.

We’re looking for individuals and organisations who want to help with our mission and want to pass on what they learn. We're looking for people who want to increase their skills and share their knowledge with others in the use and collection of real world data. We've got a 'kit in a box' which we'll loan to you for the duration of the programme packed with some very special tech and we'll support you throughout with online learning and face to face workshops where possible.

The programme begins in June 2022 and with limited places we encourage you to express your interest early by filling in the form below.

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